TIMP’ean reflections

“To have a place with this level of inclusion is paramount to me. Something to get up for in the morning. That your creativity is being challenged and that you are part of a lovely, social mass. It has resulted in an amazing growth for me. I have evolved more the two years I have been in the company than I did in fifteen years with therapy and psychoactive drugs.
Musically I have learnt more than I can describe in words. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a future and a foundation to build on. Whether what is being build, is a palace or a shack, is not that important. The crucial part is the foundation.”
Musician, 32

“The days and weeks before a premiere are tough. But they are also really really exciting. The last five minutes backstage before everything breaks loose are nerve-racking and nail-biting and sweaty and completely wonderful.”
Performer, 32

“A social setting filled with empathy and positive karma. I experience TIMP as a place that has the individual as its starting point, and both process and result are valued.
The social interaction is heartfelt, open and inclusive. In addition, the structure of management puts emphasis on dialogue and openness, which creates the possibility of making the necessary ‘artistic choices’.”

“The creative process is incredibly giving. It is great that you participate in the creation of the performance, rather than for example performing The Lion King where your lines are written already. I am doing what I’ve always been, and still is, passionate about.”

“Before TIMP I hadn’t accessed my contrast filled creative self. Being a part of TIMP means being in contact with myself on a spiritual and emotional level in a way, I never experienced before. True devotion to the most exquisite only begins to cover it. I manage to evade perfectionism and move in a universe without rules or limitations. The best break, a playroom for adults, a place to breathe in an otherwise chaotic everyday.
Here I get the possibility to show myself, and others, that I have a light which, when allowed, creates new spaces, I didn’t know existed.
I experience to have more joy and energy in my personal life.”

“There has been a great communication amongst musicians and from musicians to the performers. It is a musical playroom for adults with an emphasis on play and collaboration, and there is this amazing and exciting creative process, which has taught me patience, and taught me how you create a performance with and over time. It means a lot to me to have something to get up for in the morning, and to have a good day and a social creative network.
It is amazing to use my resources musically and socially. It also makes a big difference for my family that I’m happy and thrives outside of the home. It rubs off in a good way – with joy and extra energy for my children and my wife as well as the practical stuff at home.”

“Teater TIMP is/has been a sanctuary, a breathing space, in a psychiatric system that often is rigid. Here you get the opportunity to collaborate with music and theatre without constantly being treated like you’re ill. Here the focus is the creative work rather than the diagnosis you have. Music, dance, theatre, creativity and community is placed at the centre. It is all about creating something together from scratch; seeing it develop and then be able to perform it to an audience at the end of the process.”
TIMP inside/outside
“TIMP is a unique project which everyone understands, and everyone misunderstands. I was invited to assist on Der er noget der blinker, blinker (There is something blinking, blinking), and therefore I have seen the performance nearly 10 times. It has been unforgettable to experience how the same scene can change completely depending on what you bring to it, or what reactions the audience bring out in the performers on any given day.

It was difficult to believe after my first encounter with the theatre, but now it is crystal clear to me: It is up to the audience at a TIMP performance, to determine what it is about. It is often the spectators’ own experiences and world views that TIMP performances are about. Some experience humour and a joyful approach to life in scenes that to me are about the broken, the incapable or the shattered and shutdown human being.

If asked, the director Signe Højlt and the rest of the company, will say there isn’t necessarily a narrative. Therefore, you can say that the performance Der er noget der blinker, blinker can be about everything or ‘nothing’.

My experience is that you’ll find what you’re looking for, and for me that’s poetic truth. But no matter what you find, it will move you with its incredibly successful combination of music and performance.

Teater TIMP is a family that I have been in awe of since my first encounter; a family that I have now surrendered myself to. Teater TIMP isn’t a sect though.

Thank you for the ‘ride’.”
Sound Technician (who has since become a TIMP musician)

Teater TIMP 2016