About TIMP

om2Teater TIMP is a theatre with up to 14 performers/musicians, who in spite of their mental vulnerability create theatre together.
We are situated in Højbjerg, Aarhus and are a collaboration between FO-Aarhus and Aarhus Kommune.

We work with Open Dramaturgy; a genre with roots in the absurd theatre of the 50s and 60s. Consequently, we do not work with scripts with a ‘regular’ narrative, like classic theatre. Instead we produce ambiguous characters in abstract narratives, created through sequences and tableaus. All music and texts are written and composed by the company, and through improvisations they settle into a string of images eventually becoming a performance accompanied by a musical-visual scenography.

We always employ our own original material, but our performances are not stories of mental illness or vulnerability. The personal story is never our focus; on the contrary we create a shift from the personal to the universal through our texts and music. To the universal we then add a flavour of absurdity: The world is not straight forward, neither in life nor on stage.

Teater TIMP 2016