A day at TIMP and how we work

livetTIMP is a theatre for people with mental vulnerabilities. We work professionally with music and basic theatrical exercises/training. Improvisation is a key term in our work – both in the theatrical and the musical work. The creation of every performance starts with a meeting between music and movement; the musicians play and the performers dance. Hereby music and movement inspire each other.

We always write our own texts. We find the inspiration through different exercises, and by experiencing other people´s art, e.g. through excursions. On our journey towards creating a new performance, the movement/dancing and the texts melt together to create a whole. Our performances are without a classical narrative, we create sequences and tableaus whereby images arise that our audience can interpret freely.

By writing our own texts, the origin might be personal, but our performances are not stories of mental illness or vulnerability. Through seeking inspiration from the world around us, the foundation of the performance will never be the story of the single performer. Rather than focusing on mental vulnerability, we focus on the resources and creative power of and within the group.

Through our technical work with bodies and music, we sharpen our senses as well as our ability to concentrate and be present in our bodies. These are advantageous resources in the individual as well as the shared artistic expression, but also in life offstage.

TIMP is a space for creativity and personal development where each member can generate more life courage, and develop social skills and confidence in own competences. TIMP offers a strong community with likeminded people, an openminded approach to, as well as respect for, the individual member´s mental resources.

We work at Kultur- and kontaktsted Kragelund Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am – 2:30 pm. We start off the day with free breakfast and coffee from the café of Kragelund.

Contact info:

Team TIMP: Signe, 4079 0829 – Sasha, 5133 5771 – Lars, 8713 1848 (-ask for Lars)

Kultur- and kontaktsted Kragelund. Dybbrovej 21, 8270 Højbjerg

Teater TIMP 2016